APAARI Staff and contact

Name and Designation


Dr. Raghunath Ghodake

Executive Secretary

Tel: (+662) 282-2920

E-mail: raghunath.ghodake@apaari.org


Dr.Vilasini Pillai

APCoAB Coordinator

Tel: (+662) 282-2918

Email: vilasini.pillai@apaari.org

Ms. Urairat Rujirek

Administrative Officer

Tel: (+662) 282-2919

E-mail: urairat@apaari.org

Ms. Chanerin Maneechansook

Program Assistant

Tel: (+662) 282-2918

E-mail: chanerin@apaari.org

Mr.Vishwanath Kumar Sah

Office Secretary

Tel: 91-11-32472305

Email: vk.sah@apaari.org

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