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AGROVOC - A multilingual agricultural thesaurus, AGROVOC contains multilingual translations, related terms, and word tree logic. The terminology can be used to index data and support complex searches in textual databases such as AGRIS.

CAB Abstracts — CAB Abstracts, produced by the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences, provides access to citations and abstracts of the international agricultural literature, including plant protection, forestry engineering, animal husbandry, animal and plant breeding, genetics, veterinary medicine, nutrition, rural development, economics, and leisure and tourism. CAB Abstracts indexes articles, books conferences, reports and other kinds of literature dated 1972 to the present.

FAOBIB (FAO Catalogue on-line), a multilingual, on-line catalogue of documents and publications produced by FAO since 1945, books added to the library collections since 1976, and serials held in the FAO library. The database can be searched in simple, advanced and command mode. A thesaurus mode can also be implemented which allows for navigation through AGROVOC and flagging of terms for inclusion in any query.

RICE Bibliography — The IRRI Library is responsible for maintaining the Rice Bibliography. Whereas the library catalogue contains a large collection of books and journals of interest to scientists researching rice or rice-related topics, the Rice Bibliography is a comprehensive bibliography of all books and articles directly pertaining to rice. It endeavours to include all articles and books relating to rice in the world, and is the world’s largest and most complete source of scientific information about rice with almost 8,000 new references added each year. All articles pertaining to rice are sought out for the Rice Bibliography and IRRI Library acquires copies of the article whether or not it holds the particular serial in its collection. Over the years the Rice Bibliography has been mounted on a total of four software packages. The version on the screen before you contains references from 1970 onwards. Older references, a few going back to the mid-18th century, are available for searching at IRRI Library.

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AGRIS collects bibliographic references (currently totaling about 3 million) to either conventional (journal articles, books) or non-conventional materials (sometimes called “gray literature” e.g. theses, reports, etc.). While the database is best known for this bibliographic function, it is actually capable of handling many formats of data. Over time the dissemination of a wider range of agricultural information to a broader audience will be expanded. Instead of sending bibliographic references to FAO, participants to the system can now make their references, data and full-text information accessible on the Web, and access increasingly diverse information relevant to their countries and regions. Advantages to participants include: access to full text in electronic format; participant control of scope, coverage, description and distribution of local information; faster access to information following elimination of centralized conversion and processing; and greater exposure of national information and access to world agricultural data via the WAICENT server. Cross searching can be executed on both AGRIS and the USDA’s AGRICOLA simultaneously.

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