12th Asian Maize Conference and Expert Consultation on Maize for Food, Feed, Nutrition and Environmental Security: Proceedings, 2015

Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI), International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (FAO RAP), and the Department of Agriculture (DOA), Government of Thailand jointly organized the 12th Asian Maize Conference on “Maize for Food, Feed, Nutrition and [...]

The 13th APAARI General Assembly Meeting:Proceedings, 2014

The  Thirteenth  General  Assembly  Meeting  (GAM)  of  the  Asia-Pacific  Association  of  Agricultural Research  Institutions  (APAARI) was  held  on  1 November,  2014  at  Rama Gardens Hotel,  Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Simon Hearn, Chairman, APAARI welcomed all members and special invitees. He made special mention of the Hon.  Inia  B.  Seruiratu, Minister for Agriculture, Fiji, and  the Hon. [...]

Need for Linking Research with Extension for Accelerated Agricultural Growth in Asia, 2014


Expert Consultation on Assuring Food Safety in Asia-Pacific: Proceedings, 2015

The Asia-Pacific region is a large producer and consumer of food. Vegetables, cereals, roots and tubers, milk and meat are some of the agricultural commodities that are produced, consumed and exported in large quantities from countries of this region. Hence, safety of food during its entire production to consumption chain is of vital importance for [...]

Twenty Two Years of APAARI – a Retrospective

This publication gives greater details and is intended to highlight/address the efforts put forth by APAARI in defining regional priorities, tracing its growth and development, and the impact of its activities undertaken over the past 22 years. It provides a comprehensive account of its achievements for the information and possible use by its stakeholders and [...]

Biosafety Regulations for GM Crops in Asia-Pacific, 2014

A publication entitled “Biosafety Regulations of Asia-Pacific Countries” was brought out in 2008 by APCoAB. The compilation detailed regulations existing in 39 countries of Asia and the Pacific and addressed the need for a consolidated document on biosafety regulatory systems of the region. Over the past six years since its publication, new developments have taken [...]


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