APAARI Progress Report (July-December 2015)

The APAARI’s Progress Report presents a summary of the Association’s activities and accomplishments during July-December 2015. In addition to activities, which APAARI organized, co-organized, participated in, and contributed to, it provides links to published documents prepared during this period, and information on new members, international and regional collaboration, and staffing. The development of a new [...]

APAARI Progress Report (January–June 2015)

Six monthly progress report of APAARI for the period January – June 2015 was prepared and widely circulated to APAARI members, partners and stakeholders. Download

APAARI Progress Report (July–December 2016)

During July- December 2016, APAARI organized/co-organized several activities comprising meetings, workshops and conferences These included: i) Expert Consultation on Best Practices in Agri-food Innovations in Asia and the Pacific; ii) APAARI Executive Committee Meeting iii) APAARI 14th General Assembly Meeting (GAM); iv) XIV APARIS Steering Committee Meeting; v) XVIII APCoAB Steering Committee Meeting; and vi) [...]

APAARI Progress Report (2006)

The Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research institutions (APAARI), established in 1991 as an apolitical, non-profit and neutral forum of National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) in the region, strengthens the research capabilities of NARS and promotes information sharing among them in order to alleviate poverty, increase agricultural productivity and resource use, protect/conserve the environment and improve [...]

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