Delhi Declaration on Agrobiodiversity Management

The 1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress held in New Delhi, India, from 6-9 November 2016 was attended by over 900 participants from 60 countries. Congress delegates discussed various aspects of conservation, management, access and use of agrobiodiversity in 16 technical sessions, four satellite sessions, a genebank roundtable, a public forum, a farmer’s forum and poster sessions.

APAARI Strategic Plan 2017-2022: Pathways to Strengthened Agri-Food Research and Innovation Systems in Asia and the Pacific

The Strategic Plan 2017-2022 delivers the key pathways to strengthen agri-food research and innovation systems (AFRIS), in order to develop agri-food systems and to bring about sustainable agricultural development in Asia and the Pacific. These developments are considered fundamental requirement in the post-2015 development agenda and in realization of the sustainable development goals by 2030 [...]

APAARI Constitution – March 2017

Revised APAARI Constitution Download

APAARI Vision 2030

The development of the APAARI Vision 2030 followed a structured process or review, e-consultations and brainstorming, and received invaluable contributions from the APAARI Executive Committee, members, partners and other stakeholders. The document considers APAARI’s core values and articulates the need for new ambitions and new competencies within the Association. It specifies vision, mission and goal [...]

Reorienting the Agriculture Research for Development (AR4D) Agenda for Sustainable Livelihood Security of Smallholder Farmers

Apaari Flyer 2016


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