This unique conference will bring together agricultural expects, and policy makers, based within and outside of South Africa to foster scientific collaborations with the potential to create new pathways out of poverty for African farming families by addressing issues related to the crops and livestock on which they depend. The gathering will, also, discuss how mobile access can help to improve the living standards of farmers, enhance their productivity and meet the challenges of a modernized agriculture. Have your say in how to establish a dynamic and enabling environment where ICTs for agriculture can flourish and be part of the debate as we discuss topics such as; commercializing smallholder agriculture, developing African Women’s programmes in agriculture, agriculture value chains, In addition to learning about agriculture in the SADC, and Africa; participants will be given the opportunity to describe their own areas of expertise and explore with other conference participants possible collaborations that could contribute to the advancement of agriculture in Southern Africa

Event Details
Date: 17-19 September 2013
Venue: Manhattan Hotel Pretoria, South Africa
Host: Envision International
Contact: Romeo at +27 73 996 1139 or email to