Our solutions are in nature
Sunita Chaudhary, Biraj Adhikari, and Kesang Wangchuk

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Hanuman, the divine monkey god, rushes to the Himalaya to fetch a medicinal herb to save Lakshmana’s lifeHanuman carries back an entire mountain full of medicinal herbs, among them the Sanjeevani plantwhich saves Lakshmana from certain death. Ramayana, as it turns out, has for centuries – along with folklores, mythical stories, traditional beliefs, and cultures around the globe – been showing us the value of nature not only for sustaining life but also for the solutions it provides to complex problems and uncertainties. International Biodiversity Day 2020 is being celebrated under the theme “Our solutions are in nature”, and provides the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on value, and sustainably utilize the restorative and replenishing power of nature.  READ MORE