The APAARI Executive Committee Meeting was held at Royal Princess Hotel, Bangkok on 22 April, 2014 under the chairmanship of Dr. Simon Hearn, Chairman, APAARI. The meeting was attended by 15 participants comprising APAARI members or their representatives and some special invitees. In his welcome address, Dr. Raj Paroda, Executive Secretary, APAARI expressed his appreciation to all the members for attending the meeting despite their busy schedule. He welcomed the Chairman, Dr. Simon Hearn and Vice Chairman, Dr. Masa Iwanaga and thanked them for their excellent support to APAARI. He also welcomed the new member Ms. Esther Penunia representing Asian Farmers’ Association, as well other representatives and special invitees.
In his opening remarks, Dr. Simon Hearn welcomed all the participants. He remarked that APAARI had completed another successful year of achievements during which varied and rather relevant activities were carried out. Dr. Hearn complimented Dr. Paroda for his efforts in organizing and executing many activities to cover thematic areas. He opined that agricultural development faces many challenges, for which APAARI and other regional/global organizations need to put in long-term efforts. There in an obvious need to outscale appropriate technologies and demonstrate their impact on development, being main message of the GFAR Steering Committee meeting held recently in Montpelier. CGIAR has made considerable progress through its reform process, but some NARS do not seem to have benefitted. These NARS need to approach CGIAR more proactively and benefit from its various programs, especially the CRPs.