The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is planing for the next phase of the CGIAR’s strategy and programs. CGIAR consortium has prepared two important documents, the 2014 CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework Management Update and the Guidance for the CRP 2nd call, that seek to set the frame for the future shape and outcomes of future international agricultural research.

It is important that all partners have their say in this processes. Therefore, all fora, networks and institutions are invited to express your views to help shape this strategy and the next phase of CGIAR research Programs through GFAR Secretariat who will voice and feedback your thoughts to CGIAR Consortium Board and Fund Council in a meeting in the Spring of 2014.

To structure responses and summarize the view expressed, all partners are requested to comment in relation to your role and work in each of the follow areas:

  1. Farmers and national stakeholders empowered and informed to better negotiate their own agricultural futures
  2. Equitable and effective demand-driven partnerships enabled to transform agricultural research and innovation into impacts at scale
  3. Transformative investments in AR4D systems stimulated to better meet the needs and opportunities of the resource-poor
  4. Collective initiatives fostered to generate new capacities in transforming AR4D systems
  5. Agricultural research and knowledge embedded into rural development agendas and better meeting societal needs
  6. Accountability, stransformational change and development impacts in ARD systems increased through greater strategic coherence and more transparent stakeholder involvement

Please send your response to by Wednesday 5, 2014.

Message from CGIAR CEO (1110 downloads)

SRF Management Update (953 downloads)

Guidance CRP 2nd Call (871 downloads)