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Activities > Current Year

Activities (September – December 2016)

Expert Consultations/ Meetings /Conferences 

  • APCoAB Steering Committee to be held on 31st October 2016  
  • Expert Consultation on Best Practices in Agri-food Innovation Meeting to be held with the COA in Chinese Taipei on 1-3 Nov 2016
  • International Agro-biodiversity Congress co-organized by APAARI to be held in New Delhi on 6 – 9 November 2016

Trainings/ Workshops

  • Food Safety Management System to be held in Chinese Taipei with the COA and APO on 3-7 Oct. 2016.

Website/ Database Management

  • Updating of APCoAB website


  • Reports on GCARD 3 and APAARI Forward Thinking Workshop
  • APAARI progress report for 2016 to COA 
  • Proposal for re-activation and strengthening of APCoAB program.   APCoAB project for the next phase of 3-4 year funding by COA will be developed by APAARI