Theme 4: Analysis, strengthening and formulation of public policy and overarching regulatory frameworks to support the transformation and development of agri-food systems

Efficient systems of pricing, financing, taxation, services, resource management and marketing are an integral part of transforming agri-food systems for sustainable agricultural growth and development. These systems need to be supported by evidence-based policies and strategies that consider national circumstances with a view to create a comparative advantage at a national level and overall growth and sustainable development at a regional level. This context gives rise to the need to design and implement policies and strategies to boost efficient agricultural growth and development. This requires the following key development outcomes:

  • Research pertaining to policy, socioeconomics and markets is supported to assist with developing and implementing policies and strategies to increase agricultural growth and development
  • Policies and strategies for accessing and mobilization of land and water resources by smallholder producers and landless rural communities are developed and adopted

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