Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology and Bioresources


Regional Expert Consultation on Gene Editing in Agriculture and its Regulation (October 2019)

Regional Workshop on Underutilized Fish and Marine Genetic Resources and Their Amelioration (July 2019)

The Regional Workshop on Underutilized Animal Genetic Resources and their Amelioration (March 2019)

13th International Conference on Development of Drylands: Converting Dryland Areas from Grey into Green (February 2019)

Regional Expert Consultation on Agricultural Biotechnology – Scoping Partnerships to Improve Livelihoods of Farmers in Asia and The Pacific (May 2018)

Regional Expert Consultation on Underutilized Crops for Food and Nutritional Security in Asia and the Pacific (November 2017)

Expert Consultation on Assuring Food Safety in Asia-Pacific (August 2014)

Stakeholders’ Dialogue on Biosafety Regulations in the Asia-Pacific Region (April 2013)

Expert Consultation on Managing Trans-boundary Diseases of Agricultural Importance in Asia-Pacific (October 2012)

Stakeholders’ Interface on Genetically Modified Crops (September 2012)

Expert Consultation on Agricultural Biotechnology, Biosafety and Biosecurity (October 2011)

The Stakeholders’ Interface on GM Food Crops (May 2011)

Expert Consultation on Post Harvest Technology and Value Addition of Horticultural Produces – ‘Strengthening Technologies for Linking Farmers to Market’ (November – December 2010)

Expert Consultation on Biopesticides and Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture (October 2009)

Expert Consultation on Agricultural biotechnology for Promoting Food Security in Developing Countries (August 2008) 

Brainstorming Sessions on Models of Public-Private Partnership in Agricultural Biotechnology (April 2007)

High-Level Policy Dialogue on Biotechnology for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation: Opportunities and Challenges (November 2005)

Brainstorming Session on Public-Private Partnership in Agricultural Biotechnology (March 2005)