APAARI organized an International Symposium on “Sustainable Agricultural Development and Use of Agro-biodiversity in the Asia-Pacific Region”, in partnership with Rural Development Administration (RDA), Republic of Korea, Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), Bioversity International and other International Centers such as AVRDC, CIMMYT, FAO, ILRI, ICARDA, ICRISAT and IRRI from 13 to 15 October, 2010 in Suwon, Republic of Korea. More than 100 participants comprising heads and representatives of NARS, International Agricultural Research Institutions, Regional Fora, Civil Society Organisations and progressive farmers attended the Symposium.

Thirty theme presentation were made during the symposium, including country status reports, which were organized under five Technical Sessions viz., Global and regional initiatives, Status of Global Plan of Action and Treaty, Agrobiodiversity conservation and use – country status reports, recent advances for managing agrobiodiversity, and Promoting agrobiodiversity in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to theme presentations, four working groups were also organized to discuss issues relating to: (i) Areas of R&D collaboration on agrobiodiversity conservation and use for sustainable agricultural development, (ii) Strengthening agrobiodiversity capacity, education and public awareness in Asia-Pacific, (iii) Enhancing exchange and use of genetic resources in the Asia-Pacific (implementation of the ITPGRFA through MLS and SMTA), and (iv) Role of international and regional organizations and networks in strengthening agrobiodiversity conservation and use in Asia-Pacific.

The symposium provided an excellent opportunity to review, identify and redefine the role and directions of agricultural R&D, especially in the context of conservation through use of valuable agro-biodiversity for sustainable agricultural development. It also helped in deciding a ‘Way Forward’ for the access and benefit sharing of valuable genetic resources.

The proposed agro-biodiversity research and development framework for the Asia-Pacific region, adopted during the Symposium aims to provide a strategic approach, towards both management and use through regional collaboration and partnerships among stakeholders.

Download: The Suwon Agro-Biodiversity Framework (2011 downloads)  Revised on 25 January, 2011

For full details on the Symposium, visit: http://www.apaari.org/events/symposium-on-agrobiodiversity.html