Dr. Raj Paroda, Executive Secretary, APAARI and Dr. Anan Suwannarat, Director General, Department of Agriculture (DoA) Thailand signed and exchanged the MoU on 19 December 2014 in a ceremony at APAARI Office.



Signing and exchanging of MoU

The MoU is intended to facilitate further strengthening of agricultural research for development activities. The MoU provides a framework for cooperation between APAARI and DoA Thailand in developing mutually beneficial processes of collaboration and increasing knowledge base to achieve their overall programs and stated goals. Under the MoU, APAARI and DoA Thailand agreed to share resources, as well as responsibility for management of joint programs and projects; organize activities of mutual interest including conferences, workshops and training program in fulfillment of their missions and publish the results of research and collaborative work jointly by staffs from both parties.

Dr. Simon Hearn, Chairman, APAARI, Dr. Raghunath Ghodake, Incoming Executive Secretary, APAARI, Dr. Suwit Chaikiattiyos, Deputy Director General, DoA Thailand, Ms Rosa Rolle, Senior Agro-Industries and Post Harvest Officer, FAO RAP, Mr. Gerard Sylvester, Knowledge & Information Management Officer, FAO RAP and Mr. Peter Sha-Li Lan, Director of Political Division, CoA were present on the occasion.