CRP Dryland Cereals Scholarship Program

(Track A: Administered by APAARI)

Call for Applications

Application deadline extended to 31 October 2015

This call for applications of the Dryland Cereals Scholarship Program is being funded by the CGIAR zResearch Program on Dryland Cereals (CRP-DC) and is administered by the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI).The program will provide funding support for PhD degree for research work to promising young scientists who are / or will be working on barley, finger millet, pearl millet, and  sorghum, in the disciplines of agriculture economics, food science, nutrition, molecular genetics, plant breeding, integrated crop management, environmental physiology, entomology, plant pathology, and gender studies.

Partial Support (only research work) for

PhD degree program


1. Aims of CRP-DC Scholarship

1.1      Develop a new cadre of scientists with core competencies, knowledge and experience in advanced science and technologies for dryland cereals that addresses the persisting need for productivity and quality enhancements, post-harvest processing and value addition and policy interventions.

1.2      Encourage and develop excellence in fundamental and practical research capabilities in early-career scientists in developing nations.

1.3    Strengthen and enhance human resource capacities of national agricultural research institutions in the developing nations of Asia to utilize cutting-edge science in addressing challenges and opportunities for dryland cereals in food security, nutrition, and climate-resilient agriculture.

1.4    Foster enhanced collaborations between APAARI, national agricultural research institutions (NARIs), universities and Dryland Cereals Program.

2.   Eligibility

2.1      Applicant must be a citizen of a developing country in South, Southeast, Central and West Asia where constraints to the dryland cereal crops (barley, finger millet, pearl millet and sorghum) exist.

2.2      Applicant should preferably be under 35 years of age (as in October 2015). She/he must be nominated by a scientist associated with CGIAR Centre(s), APAARI, University, Institute or NARS. The scientist nominating the applicant will serve as a member of an Advisory Committee of the recipient of Ph.D. scholarship or as a supervisor of post-doctoral intern at the respective university/organization/institution.

2.3      Applicant for PhD Scholarship must have completed and passed all his/her coursework or should be completing such course work within the next 6 months (i.e. by April 2016).

2.4     Post-doctoral research internships will be awarded to those who have completed their doctoral degree and have made or have been making an  advanced arrangement to undertake their internship with recognised institution/organization/Dryland Cereals Program.

2.5      Women candidates are encouraged to apply for the grants.

2.6      Priority will be given to faculty members of universities in a target country of Dryland Cereals Program and those employed in national agriculture research institutes (NARIs), and to women applicants.

3.   Requirements

3.1      A component of the thesis research of the recipient of scholarship should normally be undertaken in the applicant’s home country under the supervision of a scientist from Dryland Cereals Program or scientist from the concerned university/ organization/institution.

3.2      Scholarships will be awarded to applicants with high academic potential, interest in pursuing a research project involving dryland cereals and interest to return to their home country for future engagement (Only for those  who will pursue their scholarship/internship  program in a country other than home country).

3.3      Applicants for PhD Scholarship should be self-financed or sponsored students through grants which do not provide funds for research.  This fellowship support will only contribute to research work, thesis preparation and dissemination of results.

4.   Application Process

Applicants are required to complete the application form in consultation with their supervisors. The following documents should be included in the application package:

4.1      Duly filled in application form including:

  • Application Form Section 1 (filled by the applicant)
  • Application Form Section 2 (filled by nominating scientist)

4.2      All information requested in the application must be provided.

4.3      A proposal indicates objectives, time frame and budget for the research work must be provided.

4.4      Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the applicant be enclosed.

4.5      Applications should include a covering/forwarding letter of interest, as supported by the nominating scientist, explaining the motivation for pursuing this scholarship.

4.6      A statement of Declaration from the applicant stating applicant’s interest to return to home country after completion of the PhD degree program (Only for those applicants who will pursue their scholarship program in country other than his/her home country).

The completed application should be addressed to the Executive Secretary of APAARI and be emailed to Ms Chanerin Maneechansook at to reach her no later than 31 October 2015.

5.   Selection Process

The selection criteria will include as follows:

5.1      Strong academic potentials and the references from the faculty of the Ph.D. program that applicants are enrolled in or passed through.

5.2      Evidence of support and good motivation from the institution and supervisor with whom the candidates will work.

5.3      Link with ICARDA and ICRISAT scientists is preferable.

5.4      Contribution to the development of the targeted crops of the Dryland Cereals Program.

5.5      Practical objectives and realistic timeframe and budget for the grant period not exceeding two years.

5.6      Priority will be given to participatory research approach for rural development.

5.7      Clear outline of  plan for dissemination  of research results

6.   Award Information

The funds up to US$ 10,000 per PhD. scholar over a maximum period of two years will be granted to selected candidates. There will be 6 positions for PhD scholarship. Grant award letter will be sent to each successful applicant with a copy to his/her supervisor and associated organization.  The grant award letter will specify the details of the grant, purpose and responsibility of the host university/organization in monitoring the use of the grant funds and reporting requirements. Funds will only be disbursed after full commitment and signing of an agreement between APAARI, the University/Institution/Organization and the recipient of the grant. Information on selection for the grant award will be posted on APAARI website at and

7.   Student mentorship

An important component of the scholarship grant is a student mentorship. Supervisors are encouraged to provide the support required to carry out effective research, maintain good relations with partner communities and agencies, and publication and dissemination of results. It is expected that supervisor at the host institutions and the scientist from the Dryland Cereals Program along with APAARI Coordinator will form an Advisory Committee and work together closely.

8.   Reporting requirements

Grant recipients are required to submit half yearly progress reports to APAARI Coordinator for close monitoring. Final payment of the grant will be subject to the receipt of the dissertation, evidence of two papers submitted/accepted for publication, reporting and accounting of funds.

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