Webinar is an important online engagement tool used by APAARI to complement its face-to-face capacity development and knowledge-sharing efforts in Asia-Pacific and beyond. APAARI’s webinars are facilitated through the Bluejeans platform, providing virtual learning possibilities for our members and partners on the topics of interest. In addition to learning and developing new skills, they offer opportunities to interact with experts and expand participants’ professional and personal networks with the strong APAARI community.

Webinar on Making University Lessons More Interactive

Participants: 240 (2019)

Target Institutions: Higher Education

Objectives: Enhance capacity of agricultural university professors and administrators to:

  • Deliver more interactive lectures and seminars to develop agricultural students’ functional capacities (soft skills) to innovate (e.g. confidence, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration).
  • Develop more effective communication with students.
  • Integrate interesting ways of presenting and discussing module topics.
  • Interact with students and engage them in discussions.
  • Introduce interactive tools and materials.

Download the synthesis here:  Webinar TNAU Synthesis - June 2019 (71 downloads)

Watch the webinar on YouTube:
Part 1   
Part 2
Part 3 
Part 4  


  • Mariette Gross (ICRA)  
  • Guntuku Dileepkumar (Iowa State University)   
  • Tonette P. Laude (University of the Philippines) 

Webinars on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems

Participants: 60 (2017 and 2018)
Target Institutions: Higher Education and NARS institutions

  • Improve understanding of the Common Framework for Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CD for AIS) with focus on the Agricultural Innovation System perspective and functional capacities (soft skills) for innovation.
  • Raise interest in integrating the Common Framework principles, approaches and tools in higher education curricula and innovation strategies of NARS to improve system-wide capacity for change to realize the potential of innovation.
  • Initiate reflection towards a mindset shift in culture of higher education organizations and NARS towards system thinking involving multiple actors.

Download the synthesis here:  Webinar with Universities on CDAIS (472 downloads)  

Watch the webinar on youtube: