Our team admin_apaari February 6, 2020
Dr. Ravi Khetarpal-min
Dr. Ravi Khetarpal
Executive Secretary
Dr. Rishi Kumar Tyagi-min
Dr. Rishi Kumar Tyagi
APCoAB Coordinator
Mr. Manish Rai-min
Mr. Manish Rai
Finance and Admin Coordinator
Ms. Martina Spisiakova-min
Ms. Martina Spisiakova
Knowledge Management Coordinator
Ms. Pooja Mathur-min
Ms. Pooja Mathur
Communication Officer
Ms. Thansita Tanaphatrujira-min
Ms. Thansita Tanaphatrujira
Account and Operations Associate
Mr. Vishwanath Kumar Sah-min
Mr. Vishwanath Kumar Sah
Senior Admin and IT Associate
Ms. Sokharath Samnang-min
Ms. Sokharath Samnang
Executive Assistant
Mr. Chieh-Cheng Lin-min
Mr. Chieh-Cheng Lin
Technical Associate
Dr. Sasireka Rajendran-min
Dr. Sasireka Rajendran
Project Manager
Dr. K.S. Varaprasad-min
Dr. K.S. Varaprasad
Project Manager (USDA – SPS Project)
APAARI Community
Communication Officer
APAARI Secretariat
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