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Strengthening agri-food research and innovation systems with regional solutions
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Strategy and Mandate admin_apaari February 6, 2020

Our Mandate

To create a more sustainable and equitable agri-food system, collective action in the form of capacity development and targeted investment in agricultural research and innovation systems is required. APAARI members, partners, and other stakeholders believe that only through science we can discover the most efficient and sustainable production systems, and that innovation is critical to overcoming the region’s broader challenges. As a result, we approach science and technology collectively, because the problems outlined transcend national borders and hence necessitate regional solutions. A strengthened agri-food research and innovation system will help to strengthen agri-food systems and achieve the SDGs.

Strategic Plan

APAARI’s Vision 2030 established the basic framework for developing the APAARI Strategic Plan 2017-2022, as well as the Association’s overarching goal and mission, and an indication for future strategies and operational plans. The Strategic Plan 2017-2022, developed in 2016, sets out a roadmap for APAARI, its partners, and stakeholders to work collaboratively to realize the APAARI Vision 2030 and several of the SDGs. All strategies described in the strategic plan respond to evolving needs in the Asia-Pacific region’s agri-food system, and were developed in consultation with members and partners.
Thematic Areas
Developing pathways to strengthened agri-food research and innovation systems
Natural Resource Management

Effective mobilization, management and use of natural resources for sustainability of agri- food systems.

Risk Mitigation

Management of risks and uncertainties in the agri-food system.

Inclusive Development

Inclusive development and integration of value chains targeted at benefiting smallholders

Policy and Advocacy

Analysis, strengthening and formulation of public policy and overarching regulatory frameworks to support the transformation and development of agri-food systems

Cross-cutting Areas
Empowering women and youth for better outcomes.

Ensuring women and youth are engaged in productive and rewarding activities in agri-food systems


Ensuring women and youth are appropriately represented in policy and decision making in agri-food systems

Key Programmes

Knowledge Management

APAARI leverages knowledge management as an overarching programme to strengthen agri-food research and innovation systems through collective action.

Partnerships and Networking

APAARI provides a platform to foster partnerships, facilitate networking, and bring about large-scale change

Capacity development

APAARI aids capacity building by collectively identifying gaps, mapping best practices and improving technical as well as functional capacities.


APAARI leverages its wide network to coordinate collective action for improved investments in agri-food research and innovations in agri-food systems.