Projects admin_apaari August 3, 2022

Completed in 2023

Completed in 2022

Completed in 2021

Conduct of a joint rapid appraisal for uptake of TAP approaches and tools by research and extension organizations in the Asia-Pacific region Research to Policy –ACIAR Alumni Research Support Facility (ACIAR)
Public-private partnership for enhancing global seed supply chain and seed trade of Asia -Pacific post covid19 (Project Preparation Grant for STDF/WTO)
Gene editing outreach project (FSII-CLA)
Comparison of seed Laws in key Asia Pacific countries on key provisions of Draft Seed Bill in India (FSII-CLA)
Global Plan of Action on Forgotten Foods and Community of Practice as part of the GFAR Collective Action on Forgotten Foods

Completed in 2020

Sectoral Review of Agriculture and Rural Statistics in Asia and the Pacific
Testing of the guidelines for assessing agricultural innovation system in Thailand