Thematic Areas admin_apaari June 9, 2017

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Theme 1: Mobilization, management and use of natural resources for sustainability of agri- food systems

In the Asia-Pacific region, access to natural resources, such as fertile land, water and energy is becoming progressively difficult. Increased demand for food, driven by population growth, rising incomes and urbanization has further exacerbated this pressure. Production inefficiencies and waste further add to the problem. The region now uses three times more natural resources per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) than the global average. Land degradation and water scarcity are worsening. This context gives rise to the need to effectively manage and use land, water and energy resources for sustainable production, productivity and environmental protection. This requires the following key development outcomes:

  • Land and water resources are managed and used effectively for sustainable productivity and environmental protection.
  • Forests, agroforestry and trees are utilized and integrated for the transformation and development of agri-food systems.
  • Agrobiodiversity is effectively managed and utilized for increased agricultural productivity, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Biotechnologies and related regulatory systems are promoted and applied for improved productivity, nutritional quality, and sustainability of agri-food systems.
  • Systems of sustainable generation and use of energy, including bioenergy and biomass are designed and adapted to local conditions