Thematic Thrusts 3 admin_apaari June 9, 2017

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Theme 3: Inclusive development and integration of value chains targeted at benefiting smallholders

Economic growth, urbanization, globalization, reduction of state intervention and import barriers have contributed to expanding domestic and international markets for agricultural commodities in the Asia-Pacific region. Changes in food preference towards high value and processed products present new opportunities for smallholders and have created more complex agricultural supply chains. However, in most of the region, smallholder producers have poor access to output markets and are therefore excluded from reaping the economic benefits of these new chains. Inputs and services are often unavailable or unaffordable to smallholders. Important to value chains is the loss of primary produce along the chain, both during and after harvest that continues to restrict the economic benefits that can be gained from agricultural production. Lastly, in many areas youth are disengaged with agriculture. This context gives rise to two needs; to integrate smallholder producers into value chains, and to minimize loss during harvest and post-harvest value chain processes. This requires the following key development outcomes:

  • Small producers, rural communities and women are integrated with other value chain actors so they contribute and receive the benefits of integrated markets
  • Innovative best practices for reduced harvest and postharvest loss and wastage are applied and integrated
  • Smallholder agriculture is integrated into manufacturing and service sectors, especially agro-industries, agri-business and agri-services to ensure employment for rural communities

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