APAARI Vision 2030
Strengthened research and innovations for sustainable agricultural development in Asia and the Pacific.


From 22-23 March 2017, APAARI participated in the regional conference ‘LET’S GET.... More
Pathways to Strengthened Agri-food Research and Innovation Systems in Asia and the.... More
The Strategic Plan 2017-2022 delivers the key pathways to strengthen agri-food research.... More

Network News

The FAO-ITU E-agriculture Strategy Guide and related works are up for the.... More
Fiji’s first community managed cocoa processing unit was launched in Lutu Village,.... More
Nepal recently released ‘Khajura Masuro-3’ (RL-4), a new iron (Fe) and zinc.... More
ICAR – All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Pigs centre has developed.... More
A new open-access Nutrition Knowledge Bank has been created as part of.... More
For the first time, Pakistan will release quality protein maize (QPM) varieties.... More

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