Inception Workshop – The project on Improving Phytosanitary Trade Compliance in Bangladesh launched admin_apaari March 2, 2022

Inception Workshop – The project on Improving Phytosanitary Trade Compliance in Bangladesh launched

APAARI has just launched its new partnership with the Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh, to implement a new programme titled ‘Improving Phytosanitary Trade Compliance in Bangladesh. Other partners of the project include IR-4 (Rutgers University, USA), and Plant Quarantine Wing, and Plant Protection Wing of the Department of Agriculture Extension, Bangladesh.


The project aims to generate awareness on the importance of plant quarantine and plant protection, facilitate inter-departmental linkages, and strengthen the capacity of the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) to establish a framework of the National Plant Quarantine Authority. It also aims to enhance institutional capacity to boost regulatory harmonization of biopesticides, and increase awareness of the importance of harmonization of pesticides’ Minimum Residue Levels (MRLs) with CODEX and the United States for trade, while promoting an integrated pest management approach.

Several workshops, training of the trainers for the development of technical and functional capacities, knowledge management on SPS matters, and regulatory harmonization for biopesticides are being planned.

The project was officially launched on 24 February 2021, through a virtual inception workshop hosted by APAARI. Approximately 95 participants attended the event. The chief guests and keynote speakers of the inception workshop were: Honorable Mr. Kallol, Additional Secretary, MOA, Bangladesh; Mr. Mohammad Asadullah, Director General, Department of Agricultural Extension; Dr. Mohammad Abu Sayeed Miah, Director, Plant Protection Wing, and Dr. Mohammad Azhar Ali, Director, Plant Quarantine Wing, of the Department of Agricultural Extension; Dr. Ravi Khetarpal, Executive Secretary, APAARI; Mr. Tyler Babcock, Agricultural Attaché, USDA; Dr. Jessie Mudjitaba-Fernandez, International Program Specialist, USDA/FAS; and Dr. Michael Braverman, Manager Biopesticide, IR-4 (Rutgers University), USA.

The event was live-streamed on APAARI Thailand’s YouTube channel and is accessible here. The event has received significant recognition and support from the Government of Bangladesh. A number of press releases appeared in national newspapers and are available here.