Investing in the future of the global Agri-food Systems- A Masterclass admin_apaari July 19, 2022

Investing in the future of the global Agri-food Systems- A Masterclass

How do you invest in innovation that most effectively supports the transformation of the global agri-food system? This is the key question being addressed at an upcoming Masterclass hosted by APAARI and the Crawford Fund. 

The Masterclass uses new evidence from the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (CoSAI) to build skills and capability in investing in, and implementing, effective innovation in the agri-food system. As Dr Ruben Echeverria, who was the Chair of the Commission, said “we need to invest more and make better investment decisions in innovation to promote sustainable agriculture” and the Masterclass is a key part of better decision making in specific contexts.

Dr Ravi Khetarpal, the Executive Secretary of APAARI says that “effective investment in innovation is key to creating an equitable and sustainable food system in the Asia-Pacific which has its own challenges and opportunities”. 

The Masterclass will bring together participants from national government agencies, philanthropic and ODA investors, innovators in the food system and those seeking nature-based solutions for future food systems. It will allow the participants to explore the latest evidence and build capacity for developing approaches that will enable more effective use and sustainable impact of innovation in agri-food systems in the participants own environment. The Masterclass brings together participants with rich experience who will explore innovation in science and technology, finance, policy and institutional development, with the aim of influencing the behaviour of both private and public investors and policy makers to ensure more sustainable and impactful public and private investment. 

The Masterclass occurs over 4 days, with 3 days of interaction with peers and colleagues in a classroom setting and one day interacting with innovative agri-food stakeholders to understand their approaches to effective investment in innovation.

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