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JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 37 (November 2022)

Establishment of JIRCAS Dream Biomass Solutions, Inc., Second Institute-Related Venture Company

This JIRCAS venture company will provide consultation services for the commercialization of fuel and material production from unutilized oil palm biomass, plant design, construction, operation support, and product sales. It will also facilitate upcycling of diverse unused biomass derived from the oil palm industry and contributing to the formation of a sustainable oil palm oil industry in harmony with the environment and the conservation of the global environment.

■ Latest Topics
● International Nutrition Seminar “The application of science and traditional knowledge to foster the utilization of foods obtained from
local landscapes for improved nutrition and livelihoods”

Date: December 12 (Mon), 2022. 14:00 – 16:00 (JST)

● The 16th TARF Open House (Online)
Videos of mini-lectures and other presentations are open to the public can be viewed at the following website or on the JIRCAS YouTube channel.

● Pres. Koyama Speaks at FAO Science and Innovation Forum
The FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022, with the theme “Harnessing science, technology and innovation for transforming our agrifood systems”, was held from October 17-21 at the FAO Headquarters in Rome. Pres. Koyama participated in the discussion titled “Chief Scientists”
Round Table: Science and Innovation for SDG Goal 2 (Zero hunger).

● JIRCAS Holds FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 Side Event
The FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 side-event “Creating Sustainable Food Systems in Asia-Monsoon Region through Science and Innovation” was held online on October 13, 2022 under the auspices of JIRCAS.

A video of the event is available on the JIRCAS YouTube channel.

● Archived Video of “TED Talks” by Senior Researcher G.V. Subbarao is Now Available
An archived video of TED2022 “A NEW ERA” held in Vancouver in April 2022 featuring a TED Talk on biological nitrification inhibition (BNI) research by Senior Researcher G.V. Subbarao is now available for viewing.

■ Awards
● Senior Researcher Koide Junji Receives 18th Young Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Researcher Award for 2022
Dr. Koide was awarded for his achievement in the development of a versatile agricultural management planning model for small-scale farmers. The model has been used to support decision-making by small-scale farmers in a wide range of regions, including Africa, and has enabled many small-scale farmers to improve their management and incomes.

● Two JIRCAS Researchers Receive Best Presentation Award at the 254th Annual Meeting of the Crop Science Society of Japan
① Dr. Takaragawa Hiroo (TARF) received the Best Presentation Award (Oral), for his research achievement titled “Responses of gas exchange and metabolites to drought stress in sugarcane and Erianthus”.
② Dr. Andressa Nakagawa (Crop, Livestock and Environment Division) received the Best Poster Presentation Award for her research achievement titled “A simple evaluation method for soybean genotypic variation of seedling emergence against soil crust”.

● Dr. Yamanaka Naoki’s Co-authored Paper Wins Award from the American Phytopathological Society
The paper “Virulence Diversity of Phakopsora pachyrhizi in Mexico” co-authored by Julio César García-Rodríguez of Mexico’s National Institute for Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock Research (INIFAP) received honorable mention for the PhytoFrontiers Best Student Paper Award 2021 of the American Phytopathological Society.

■ New Technologies and Research Outputs
Dr. Nakagawa and Dr.Yamanaka received the award from the Crop Science Society of Japan and American Phytopathological Society, respectively, for their research on soybeans.
JIRCAS is conducting joint research on soybean in China, Central and South America, and Africa.
In this issue, we introduce soybean research featured in the JIRCAS Research Highlights 2021.

● Identification and validation of a major QTL for primary root length in soybean
The soybean variety “Fendou 16” has a long primary root and information on the loci involved in main root length was clarified. Long-rooted soybean varieties and genetic information can be used for genetic improvement of soybean root systems.

● A major and stable quantitative trait locus qSS2 for seed size and shape traits in soybean
The QTL cluster that was particularly effective in controlling soybean seed size and shape was located on chromosome 2. It is expected to contribute to future improvements in soybean seed size and shape.

● Genome sequence of the soybean fungal pathogen, Cercospora kikuchii
Purple spot disease occurs on leaves, petioles, seeds, etc. and causes reduction of soybean yield. The newly acquired genome sequence of the soybean purple spot fungus is highly complete and can be used for research on pathogenicity-related genes and the development of disease diagnostic techniques based on molecular biological information.

● The pathogenicity of Asian soybean rust pathogen in Mexico can be grouped into two broad trends
Soybean rust fungi collected from 2016 to 2019 in two Mexican states were divided into two groups that exhibit very different virulence
characteristics. Information on distinct geographic differences in pathogenicity can be used to control the disease by introducing rust-resistant varieties.

■ Publications
● JIRCAS Newsletter (93)
・Special Feature: International Joint Research Projects in Africa under the Food Program

■ Announcement
● NARO 2nd International Symposium on Food Health (Online)
Global Food Security and Human Health ~ Toward Transforming the Food System with Advanced Technology ~
・Date & Time: December 12 (Mon), 2022  14:00-19:00 JST
・Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation in Japanese)
・Participation fee: Free
・Registration and details: https://naro-symposium.com/en/index.html
・Registration deadline: December 7 (Wed), 2022

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