JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 41 (March 2023) Vishwanath Sah April 29, 2023

JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 41 (March 2023)

March 21 was “International Day of Forests”.
The theme for 2023 is “Forests and health”.

The JIRCAS Forestry Division is conducting research and development with domestic and overseas research institutions.

In addition, from this fiscal year, JIRCAS has been conducting the SATREPS project “Strengthening Tropical Forest Resilience Based on Management and Utilization of Genetic Resources Capable of Climate Change Adaptation” in Indonesia.

Latest Topics
PR Videos of JIRCAS Fifth Medium to Long-Term Plan Now Available
The PR videos for the JIRCAS 5th Medium to Long-term Plan (FY2021-2025) are now available and can be accessed from the top page of the JIRCAS official website and on the JIRCAS YouTube channel.

PANOMICS Approach Contributes to the Advancement of BNI Research

The PANOMICS approach is a new method of exploring interactions that combines multiple omics analyses. 
It is expected to elucidate plant-soil microbial interactions in biological nitrification inhibition (BNI).

Indonesia’s Padjadjaran University Faculty and Students Visit JIRCAS
Padjadjaran University is the Indonesian counterpart of the SATREPS project “Strengthening Tropical Forest Resilience Based on Management and Utilization of Genetic Resources Capable of Climate Change Adaptation” from FY2023.

New Technologies and Research Outputs

In connection with International Day of Forests 2023,  we would like to introduce JIRCAS research on forestry

Elucidating the Leaf Vein Structure and Function of Tropical Rainforest Trees (Press Release)

Trees with well-defined veins have high photosynthesis and leaf defense, and are better adapted to light environments, while trees with unclear veins are better adapted to dark environments near the ground surface. Understanding of leaf vein structure contributes to the selection of tree species suitable for the environment and to the implementation of afforestation based on functional characteristics of tree species.

Relationship between leaf and stem growths of a tropical timber tree, Shorea leprosula, in the family Dipterocarpaceae
In Shorea leprosula, a Dipterocarpaceae tree, we found that stems and leaves grow in synchrony, but that leaf excision markedly suppresses stem elongation.
Elucidation of this regulatory mechanism is expected to be useful for timber production and the stable supply of appropriately sized seedlings.

Teak growth doubles in the Lao Mountains depending on the control of stand density and topographic conditions
Teak growth doubles in the Lao Mountains depending on the control of stand density and topographic conditions.


JIRCAS Newsletter No. 94
– JIRCAS International Symposium 2022
– JIRCAS in Action.

JIRCAS International Agruculture Series No, 26
SALIBU Rice Ratoon Cropping Systems
-Unprecedented and sustainable high-yield rice-ratooning with the lowest use of time and resources.

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