JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 44 (June 2023) Vishwanath Sah July 3, 2023

JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 44 (June 2023)

There have been increasing opportunities to present the results of JIRCAS research at international meetings.

Latest Topics

■ New Technologies and Research Outputs

  • Machine learning predicts nutrient concentrations in tropical island rivers
    The concentrations of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and silicon in major rivers on Ishigaki Island were predicted with high accuracy.
    This information can be used to appropriately manage the amount of nutrients flowing in from land areas and to develop policies to conserve coastal ecosystems.
  • Game theory predicts changes in community values regarding resource allocation held by Subaks in Bali
    While the water users’ association in Bali, Indonesia is known for its cooperative allocation of water resources, a decrease in the number of workers is affecting water use.
    A game-theoretic analysis of values in resource use predicts that while there is currently a value placed on maintaining cooperative relationships, a change in values due to a decrease in the number of workers would lead to non-cooperative resource allocation.
  • A curve number estimation model to accurately calculate reservoir inflow
    In sub-Saharan Africa, 95% of farmers depend on rainwater for agriculture, and if water overflowing from reservoirs can be used for irrigation, agricultural productivity can be expected to increase. Using the curve number estimation model, which can estimate the amount of water that flows into reservoirs as a result of rainfall can be measured, it is now possible to precisely calculate the amount of runoff..

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