JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 45 (July 2023) Vishwanath Sah August 3, 2023

JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 45 (July 2023)

Event: Children’s Tour Day: “Discovering the Wonders of Superfood Quinoa

Quinoa is a miracle crop that grows even in the harsh environment near
Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flat.
Why is it able to withstand such conditions?
Come see, touch, and hear about quinoa and discover its wonders.

Date: August 2 (Wed) and August 3 (Thu) 10:00 – 16:00
Venue: Exhibition Corner, Tsukuba Business-Academia Cooperation Support Center AFFRC Secretariat, 2-1-9 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture
Admission is free, and no prior registration is required.

Latest Topics

■ New Technologies and Research Outputs

The recipient of the “Young Scientist Award”, Senior Researcher Kashiwa, uses soybean in his research.
JIRCAS is also involved in various collaborative research on soybean in China, Latin America, and Africa.
Here are some outputs on soybean research featured in “Research Highlights (2022)”.

  • Development of the new soybean variety “Sudou 27”
    The new soybean variety has remarkable characteristics, including strong salt tolerance, high yield, and enhanced disease resistance.
    It is expected to stabilize soybean production in areas with salinity problems.
  • Development of a new soybean variety with high Asian soybean rust resistance
    In collaboration with Argentina’s National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA), a novel soybean variety named “Doncella INTA-JIRCAS” has been developed and officially registered in Argentina.
    This variety was created through a crossbreeding process that strategically introduced three resistance genes to Asian soybean rust.

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