JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 49 (November 2023) Vishwanath Sah December 26, 2023

JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 49 (November 2023)

Thailand Approves Cultivation of Sugarcane Variety Developed by JIRCAS

This variety has higher fiber content, while maintaining a similar sugar yield as currently dominant sugarcane variety in Thailand, resulting in increased bagasse production which can be used as raw material for bio-energy as well as pulp, board, and biochemical products.

Latest Topics

  • Estimation of the Impacts of Climate Change on Cowpea, an Important Crop in Semi-Arid Region of West Africa, through Yield Prediction Model The findings indicate that climate change is poised to elevate rainfall frequency, leading to reduction in cowpea yields during high rainfall years.The research underscores the importance of not only addressing drought concerns but also implementing strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of excessive soil humidity.
  • Discovery of New Drought Stress Response Mechanism in Plants An experimental system utilizing ridges was developed to induce stable drought conditions in the field.This paved the way for the development of technology that can optimize water supply before plants are affected by severe drought that can kill them.


■ Visits to JIRCAS

JIRCAS welcomed several visitors in November.
Tsukuba (Headquarters)
● Ms. Beth Bechdol, Deputy Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) (November 14) ● Ten students of the MS Program in Global Agricultural Sciences of the University of Tokyo (November 9) ● Delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam (November 10)

TARF (Ishigaki)
● Dr. Nanik Soelistyowati, Operations Director of PT PG Rajawali I (Indonesia’s state-owned sugar company) and 10 accompanying members (November 14)

■ Publications

JIRCAS Newsletter No.95

Special Feature on Biological Nitrification Inhibition (BNI) Research

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