JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 54 (April 2024) Vishwanath Sah May 1, 2024

JIRCAS Mail Magazine, No. 54 (April 2024)

Applications Open for JIRCAS Fellowship Program FY2024

JIRCAS invites promising researchers belonging to research institutes in developing regions to conduct research together with JIRCAS researchers for one year.
The deadline is on May 31. Please let your researcher friends know about this program.
For details about the research themes and other info, please click here:

Latest Topics

  • SATREPS Project Launched in Cambodia
    We have concluded an agreement with research institutes in Cambodia and will officially begin joint research on the project titled “Development and Social Implementation of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Technologies in Paddy Fields of West Tonle Sap Lake by Establishing a Large Paddy Area Water Management System.”
  • Research Proposal Provisionally Selected as a New SATREPS Research Project for FY2024
    The research, titled “Creating Sustainable and Diversified Rice Farming System that Simultaneously Achieves Zero-hunger and Zero-emission,” is expected to contribute to poverty reduction and nutrition improvement and the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Madagascar.
  • New Upland Rice Variety ‘Mavitrika’ Released in Madagascar
    Mavitrika has shown superior productivity in nutrient-poor environments and higher zinc content in white rice compared to the main local variety, NERICA4, and is expected to contribute to stable rice production and improved nutrition for people in Africa.


■ JIRCAS Southeast Asia Liaison Office

The JIRCAS Southeast Asia Liaison Office, established in 1972 as the
Bangkok Office in the Kingdom of Thailand, is currently located within
the Department of Agriculture (DOA) of Thailand, adjacent to Kasetsart
University. It recently marked its 50th anniversary in 2022.
The office conducts research on trends and collects local information on
agriculture, forestry, and fisheries research in Asia; plans and
implements joint research activities in Southeast Asia; and coordinates
conferences, workshops, and other events.
Moreover, the office provides workspaces and internet services within
its premises and warmly welcomes its visitors. Please feel free to stop by https://www.jircas.go.jp/en/program/proc/blog/20220907

Call for Submissions
We welcome submission of articles on events overseas, timely local information, etc.
To submit an article, please include your affiliation, name (anonymous is OK), and the title of the article to koho-jircas@ml.affrc.go.jp

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