The Evolving Status of Biopesticide Regulation in Asia Vishwanath Sah October 3, 2023

The Evolving Status of Biopesticide Regulation in Asia

One of the central challenges addressed at the workshop was the lack of harmonization in biopesticide regulations across Asian countries. A key focus of the workshop was aligning these regulations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Guidelines on the Regulation, Use, and Trade of Biological Control Agents (BCA). The ASEAN Guidelines serve as a regional framework to facilitate the safe and effective use of biopesticides across borders. This harmonization effort aims to streamline regulatory processes and promote the responsible use of these environmentally friendly pest management tools.

The workshop focused on enhancing biopesticide regulatory processes, strengthening the relationship between regulators from different countries, offering strategic technical advice, and addressing regional harmonization and capacity-building needs. APAARI is happy to publish the outcome of the regional workshop that was attended from regulators from Asian countries. For an in-depth exploration of the discussions and outcomes, we invite you to delve into the full report, available HERE.

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As Asia marches forward on its journey towards sustainable agriculture, biopesticides emerge as powerful tools, offering benefits that extend far beyond the fields. The harmonization of regulations ensures that these eco-friendly solutions can be deployed effectively, safeguarding crops, the environment, and the health of communities across the continent. Stay tuned for updates on pesticide residue mitigation project.