WEBINAR: Agricultural Policies in the Asia-Pacific Region Vishwanath Sah January 17, 2023

WEBINAR: Agricultural Policies in the Asia-Pacific Region

This webinar will provide an opportunity to build a shared understanding among governments from across the Asia-Pacific region about the policies needed for agriculture to ensure food security, livelihoods and well-functioning global markets while contributing to climate change mitigation and other sustainability goals. With climate change increasingly threatening food security and sustainability growing in importance for competitiveness, the webinar is an opportunity to understand what countries in the region are doing and what more can and needs to be done.

The webinar will begin with presentations of key findings from the OECD Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2022 report, a recent ABARES Insights report on Emissions, agricultural support and food security, and the ADB report Climate Change Mitigation: Policies and Lessons for Asia, followed by a panel discussion among policy makers and experts from the Asia-Pacific region.

Date: 18 January

Time: 7:00 CET

Livestream on: https://youtu.be/Ny22ulqVgJI